About us

Lyn Spencer and Nicky McKeen, Managing Partners
Naturally, upon meeting us, you’ll be bowled over by our personalities.
– that goes without saying.

But when we remove our collective tongues from our collective cheeks
We think you’ll be impressed by our client list
Our retention rates
And our common sense approach
That gets results.

There are lots of great PR companies out there
We know that.
And you’d get a good service elsewhere
We know that too.

But would you have as much fun?
Would you have as many laughs?

Would you get the kind of results that transform your bottom line?
That pack out your venue?
That sell out seats?
And make front page news?

Would you?
And are you willing to take that kind of risk?

“Lyn and Nicky at WhiteHot are a force to be reckoned with. They never fail to deliver and have built up an enviable list of contacts which ensures their coverage is second to none. Fast and efficient, and consistently creative. A valued extension of our team and a pleasure to work with.”

Helen Atkinson,
Marketing Manager, intu Metrocentre

How we work

Excuse our French
We know it’s not terribly British to blow one’s own trumpet.
But when your testimonials read like this:

“You are the bollocks.”
(That one’s Gavin Prior, Regional Director, intu Metrocentre)

You can write with a little more confidence.

And that’s what we do.
We write – well.
We work – fast.
And we get results.
Really bloody good results.
Because we’ve been doing this for a long time.

We love what we do
And we do it well.
Because we stay involved with every project we work on
From start to finish

We’re easy to work with
And because we run a tight ship
It’s us you’ll speak to, each and every time.

We don’t have a chi-chi office either.
Not for us the pool table and curated coffee table books.
We don’t have time for meetings for meetings’ sake.
And, although we may have champagne in the fridge
(This is PR, sweetie)
Chances are it will be a client gift
And not elevenses.

We can come in and work as part of your team
An extension of your PR or marketing department, if you will –
As and when you need us.

Or you can trust us to be a safe and creative pair of hands
Taking the work you need to be done – and running with it.
Staying on brand message and adding fresh ideas
Bringing a sense of humour – and getting results.

We’ll drive things forward
So you won’t need to chase us.
But, instead, you can trust us to get our heads down and crack on.
So you can do what you do best
While we do what we love.

And when it comes to arrangements and fees
You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.
The coverage you’ve received
The investment you’ve made.

With clear breakdowns of our activity
Time logs
Monthly invoices
And no contracts.
Because we’re only ever as good as our last headline
And we trust our work to speak for itself.

“WhiteHot communications have consistently impressed me with their fun and creative ideas, conscientious attitude, strong media contacts, and fully focused approach to getting the job done.”

Steven Armstrong,
Regional Vice-President, Feld Entertainment, Northern Europe